Waking Life


Waking Life has a negative view about the possibility of exercising free will within the confines of society. Disempowering us, society reduces us to passive observers. It is inimical to individuality and free will. This view is first expressed through the startling self-immolation in scene 6, and returned to again by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in scene 9. His anarchist pronouncements are similar to those made in scene 21 by the four youths. Their slogans are clearly anarchist, rejecting the restrains and limitations of our consumer society. As the passing old man says in scene 28, "Being swept along is no longer enough."

The idea that reality is subjective was given scientific legitimacy by physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955). The simplest way to explain the principle at work behind Einstein's theory of relativity is to take an example of an elevator falling at constantly accelerating speed. Imagine that there are people in the elevator, and that generations of people can live and die in the time it takes the elevator to fall. The falling elevator is the only reality these people know, and in their reality, gravity would not appear to exist. If a person were to let go of a pen at eye level, for example, it would continue to float there.

Alex Jones shouts about conspiracies.Outside the elevator, we know the pen floats because both the pen and the person are falling at the same accelerating rate. But inside the elevator, they would assume a gravity-free system, and there would be absolutely no evidence to the contrary. Though they do not know it, their physics is subjective and only applies within the elevator. Now imagine that we--the entire universe that we know--are in a kind of elevator. Einstein believed that the rules of physics that our minds perceive are not necessarily the rules that govern all of reality. His goal was to define rules that are valid for all frames of reference



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